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Page Builder

The SiteOrigin Page Builder is used in this WordPress theme. It is a free page builder for WordPress. Please read SiteOrigin Documentation about how to use this site builder.

Page builder options are extended via theme.

The page row settings have additional groups of options on the right sidebar:

  • X40 Design - settings for background image and colors. See Background Images and Color Settings.
  • X40 Effects - settings for visual effects. See Effects.
  • X40 Layout - settings for row layout.

All options inside X40 Design and X40 Effects, except Background Image, are not supported inside nested rows (row inside row), but displayed in the settings, because there is no way to disable settings only for nested row in the SiteOrigin Page Builder. This settings have notice about this in the option description under input field.

All widgets have adittional options on the right sidebar:

  • Layout:
    • Widget Border - if checked the decorated border for widget content will be used.
    • Minimum Height - minimum height of widget.
    • Float - specifies whether or not the element should float.
  • Design:
    • Transparency (%) - Widget transparency from 0 to 100.