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Import Demo Content

You can import demo content via Appearance / Import Demo Content in the Administration Panel. This page is displayed after theme activation but import is not allowed if Required Plugins is not activated. You can open this page later.

The theme demo also uses data for the shop, which are included in the Woocommerce plugin, but are not included in the theme for licensing reasons.You can import demo data for shop from Woocommerce plugin. Please read Import WooCommerce Dummy Data. Please keep in mind that this data have been modified in the latest versions of the plugin and do not fully correspond to the data presented in the demo of theme.

It is recommended to run the import on a clean WordPress installation. You can reset WordPress via this plugin: Wordpress Database Reset.

If you want to run the import on non clean WordPress, please backup your data first. Some of your content and settings may be duplicated or overwritten.

It is not recommended to edit the imported content. You can duplicate imported items in the Page Builder via Layouts button on top toolbar or via this plugin: Duplicate Post.

If you will want to restore demo settings for sidebars and layouts later, select only Media Items and Appearance Widgets to import, then re-run import. Appearance Widgets will be imported with options for images, only if Media Items are selected for import also. If Media Items have already been imported, the existing items will be skipped, but widgets will have image settings. Otherwise sidebars and default layouts will be displayed without images.