Shader - Documentation


To apply filters for page section login with admin privilegues to the WordPress Administration Panel, then open page for view. You will see sliders icon on left side. Click this icon to open panel for filters settings.

You can add filters in this panel. If you add one filter, it will be applied to all sections. If you add more filters, they will be applied to the sections in turn. By default the filters will not be applyed to footer and comments. You can change this via checkbox Apply Filters To Footer and Comments.

The default filters settings can be set in the color scheme. See Color Settings. The default filters settings will be applyed to page sections if page filters is empty.

All filter parameters are set for two states, for normal and for scrolling. The normal filter settings will be morphed to scroll filter settings while scrolling. If you do not need this effect you should use buttons on top of filters panel to copy and paste settings from normal state to scroll state. It will make the parameters for both states the same

Council. To get a nice transition effect during scrolling, first make the settings for both states the same using the buttons at the top of the filter panel, then change one or two parameters for scrolling. Carefully apply morphing from negative to positive or vice versa. This often does not give a good visual effect.

Note that the color options of the filter do not work if its Color Depth is zero.